Small Groups

We intentionally gather for fellowship, Bible study, and prayer as a way to struggle against the suburban temptation to isolate ourselves in our homes, disconnected from our neighbors. It’s ironic that people in urban and suburban communities feel more lonely than those in rural communities even though we are surrounded by more people. The church offers an alternative where people may come and find others willing to love them sacrificially the way Christ loves us sacrificially.

We also do this because the Bible says that Christ builds his church through ordinary means such as the study of His Word and the fellowship we enjoy when people open their homes to us and share their lives with us. We currently have three small groups meeting at the following times:

  • Wednesday evenings at 7:30 PM (weekly). The Wednesday group meets at the Hudak home.
  • Friday evenings at 6:00 PM (bi-weekly). The Friday group meets in a rotating home.
  • Sunday afternoons at 4:00 PM (bi-weekly). The Sunday group meets in a rotating home.

You are most certainly welcome to visit.

Contact us for the date and locations of our next meeting.